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X-Ray Overview

An X-ray is a simple procedure performed to provide a two-dimensional picture of your body for use as a screening tool to detect and examine the causes of many common disorders, such as broken bones, joint and spine injuries or conditions, and arthritis.

Our caring x-ray techs work to ensure your x-ray imaging is a quick and easy experience.

Scheduling Your X-Ray

If you think you may need an x-ray or if you have any questions regarding our x-ray service, please call us at (319) 338-3606.

Please have the following information available when scheduling your x-ray:

  • Referring physician’s orders for the x-ray (these notes contain information explaining why you will be having the x-ray and indicating the type of examination your doctor is requesting).
  • Current insurance information. Steindler Orthopedic Clinic participates with most major insurers. We request that you pay any co-pay or deductible at the time of your examination.
The Examination

During your x-ray examination, you will be asked to stand, sit, or lay on a table, depending on the body part being examined. You will be asked to remove any jewelry and women may be asked about pregnancy. You may be given a protective vest to wear, depending on your age and the body part being examined. If you do not need to wear a protective vest but would still like to, simply ask your x-ray technologist. Once you’re positioned, x-ray images are captured within a few seconds.

On The Day of Your X-Ray:

  • Bring your doctor’s order for your x-ray and your insurance card(s) with you to your appointment.
  • If an x-ray has previously been taken, please bring the films with you to your appointment.
  • If you are unable to bring your previous films with you, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.
  • Prior to your x-ray, you may be asked to remove jewelry, eyeglasses, and any other metal objects, such as loose change, hearing aids, underwire bras, fingernail clippers, etc., that may interfere with the imaging.
  • Depending on the area of the body that is being x-rayed, you may be asked to change into a medical gown for the x-ray.
  • If you need copies of the x-ray performed in our office, please provide 72 hours’ notice.

Appointment Resources

Once you have scheduled your appointment, please use the links below to obtain our new patient forms and browse through our tips and suggestions on preparing for your appointment.

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At Steindler Orthopedic Clinic, we know how important it is for you to get an appointment scheduled promptly.

Please call us at (319) 338-3606 or our toll-free number at (800) 373-6417.

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