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The Steindler Way
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The Steindler Way

Our values &


Steindler Orthopedic Clinic’s motto is a Latin phrase that means, “We Are Who We Are.” Pronounced “Suemoose Kwee Suemoose,” Sumus Qui Sumus represents our complete will to succeed.

We are (Sumus) one team. Steindler’s history forms us. We share the same values, are committed to excellence in patient care, and each contributions to building our future. 

Working together, we are greater than the sum of our individual contributions. Working together, we create something that none of us could do alone. Working together, we care for each other. 

A philosophy that permeates Steindler at all levels, “Sumus Qui Sumus” has ten core rules that form our gestalt or what we thoughtfully refer to as our “Steindler Way:”

Sumus Paragons

Our physicians and team members are role models in healthcare and in the communities in which we live and serve. We are responsible for setting an example for others. We take responsibility for making each other better. Every teammate builds the image of Steindler. Every team member at Steindler is responsible for living by Steindler’s values and contributing towards a positive image of Steindler in our workplace and community.

Sumus Innovation

We are original and creative in what we do and how we do it. We will try new things to improve and triumph, but we won’t compromise our integrity to succeed. We are not stuck in the past. We are a catalyst for change and progress.

Sumus Diversity

We accept everyone, regardless of race, religion, and beliefs. We believe we can learn from cultural diversity, and our values are shaped by diversity.

Sumus Respect

We recognize and honor each other’s abilities, talents, and achievements. Our patients are valued and deserving of our best efforts.

Sumus Loyalty

Our reputation for excellence dates back to 1950. We honor our tradition by doing our best to uphold it. We are faithful to Steindler and share responsibility for protecting our reputation and working towards Steindler’s best interest.

Sumus Service

Primarily, we act for the benefit and good of another person or group. When we serve, we look outside of ourselves, beyond our needs, and seek to bring value to others.

Sumus Self-Belief

We have high expectations of ourselves and are capable of great success. We achieve our goals because we are talented, confident, and resilient. We possess a winning mentality with a good dose of self-belief, but we purposefully foil arrogance.

Sumus Integrity

Our values and work ethic are our reputations. Whole and undivided are we. We stand for what is right.

Sumus Joy

We are doing what we love to do. Joy is part of our culture, and people see our joy through our actions.

Sumus Leadership

We have an obligation to our patients, community, and team members. We are accountable for our actions. We own our failures and learn from them. We are each responsible for setting and achieving challenging goals, taking fast and decisive action when needed, outperforming the competition, and inspiring others to perform at their highest level.

Meet your team of orthopedic doctors.

For over seventy years, our team has provided pain and injury relief for patients. Our goal is to return you to doing the things you love.


for every step of the process.

Below you’ll find resources to educate yourself and prepare for an upcoming appointment or surgery.

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Patient Forms

For your convenience, you may download, print, and complete relevant patient forms for your appointment.
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Preparing For Your Appointment

We want to make your visit the best experience it can be. View recommendations and reminders for your upcoming orthopedic appointment.
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Preparing For Your Surgery

Preparing for an upcoming surgery can be intimidating, but we’re here to help. View guides to prepare for your surgery and your post-surgical recovery process.
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Billing Information and Pay Bill Online

Pay your bill online, find answers to billing questions, and access the Out of Network Acknowledgement form.
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Patient Portal

Access our patient portals to view information related to your appointment or view your billing statement.
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Video Education

Supplement the information you read on this website or received from your provider with educational videos. Learn more about treatments and conditions related to certain parts of the body.